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Rockstar Dream Becomes Reality

Danielle Ferrigno, Contributer

March 14, 2018

Guitar Hero rocked the video game world for years. Everybody wanted to be a rock star. Sophomore Jacob Smith did something about it. He is a member of a band that has become his blended family. Smith started playing dr...

Gravel Road to IV’s and Bandages

Annabelle Lynch, Contributer

March 13, 2018

“I thought I was in an alternate universe,” sophomore Olivia Pelliccia said. Pelliccia and her two best friends, sophomores Abbie Campbell and Zara Diedel, were involved in a serious ATV accident on May 26, 2017. Th...


November 27, 2017

Football Game vs Miege 9/28

Football Game vs Miege 9/28

September 29, 2017

Margo’s Footprint

Margo’s Footprint

November 4, 2016

BV West Color Run

BV West Color Run

October 18, 2016

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