Boys Varsity Soccer Fat Cat Tournament 9/4/21

Jags win the tournament in Championship game vs Shawnee Mission Northwest


Olivia Lasley

Goalie, Ryan Neil dives for the ball!

Olivia Lasley, Photographer

Varsity Soccer boys run through the banner, lead by captain Omar Abdelmoity before the game. (Olivia Lasley)
JPCO members, Aydin Freeman and Reiss Wood hype up the student section before the game with a classic West tradition, alongside the cheerleaders. (Olivia Lasley)
Zach Miller passes the ball to another teammate. (Olivia Lasley)
Omar Abdelmoity kicks the ball in an attempt to save the ball from going out of bounce. (Olivia Lasley)
Ian Muhlbach saves himself from tripping over another player, keeps his eyes on the prize, and steals the ball. (Olivia Lasley)
Number 7 goes for the ball while maneuvering around the other team. (Olivia Lasley)
Goalie, Colby Reese saves the other team from scoring and kicks the ball back out to his teammates.. (Olivia Lasley)
Cooper Forcellini steals the ball and starts running back as he dribbles around other players. (Olivia Lasley)
West goalie dives to save the ball, while his teammates play defense, trying to save the other team from getting the rebound. (Olivia Lasley)


Number 10, Cooper Forcellini gets in and steals the ball, once again! (Olivia Lasley)
Number 17, Omar Abdelmoity passes the ball off to another teammate. (Olivia Lasley)
Cooper Forcellini slides in, blocking the other team from kicking the ball. (Olivia Lasley)
Goalie, Ryan Neil dives for the ball! (Olivia Lasley)
Ryan Neil goal kicks the ball to his team after interfering the others team’s attempted goal. (Olivia Lasley)
West student section congratulates the boys after winning the game with high fives. (Olivia Lasley)
The boys get together for the alma mater at the end of the game. (Olivia Lasley)