All Shook Up Cast List Posted


Mikaela Schmitt, Managing Editor

After a week of difficult auditions, the cast list for the winter musical, All Shook Up, was posted Friday after school. Participants completed singing auditions on Monday, acting auditions on Tuesday, and dancing auditions on Wednesday. 18 actors got invited for Callbacks Thursday after school. Directors Laurie VanderPol and Kimberly Modelski, as well as casting director Dr. Laura Restivo, spent the night laboring over the cast list. Ensuing a difficult process of selecting actors from 63 talented students took a majority of the night, however they confidently posted the list Friday after school. The group of anxious students celebrated and congratulated each other, excited for the show to come. Zane Champie and Haley Bates were among the best of the actors, getting cast as the two leads of the show.

Based off of Shakespeare’s play, Twelfth Night, the twisting love plots are told through Elvis music. The fun, upbeat musical tells the story of Natalie (Haley Bates), stuck in a small town hopelessly looking for love. Roustabout Chad (Zane Champie) comes in, mixing up the whole town. As Mayor Matilda (Jessica Baker) tries to control the conservative town, teenagers and adults go about looking for love. As love interest clashes, the show celebrates the beauty of love.

Rehearsals begin Dec. 5, continuing until the show on Feb. 2-4. The 63 actors, as well as many tech members, will spend countless hours working hard together, building relationships through the art of theatre.


Cast List:
Chad… Zane Champie
Natalie… Haley Bates
Dennis… Charlie Meecham
Miss Sandra… Megan Curry
Dean… Jeremy Kline
Lorraine… Jentry Muck
Jim… Robbie Foley
Sylvia… Emily Sulentic
Earl… Alex Jashinski
Mayor Matilda… Jessica Baker
Warden… Sam Cole
Henrietta… Haley Shatto
Bus Driver… Dom DeCicco
Fella… Eric Bales
Jailbird #47… Cap Kelly
Jailbird #3… Brendan Hulla
Female “randy”… Emily Krotz

Lorraine’s Barflies/Angelettes
Josie Hansen, Coley Sullivan, Avery McLaughlin, Destiny Arnold

Sylvia’s Barflies/Devilettes
Emily Krotz, Gabriella Aguilar, Jenna Hultgren, Tess McChesney

Featured Male Dancers
Dom DeCicco, Eric Bales, Cap Kelly, Brendan Hulla, Michael Zipse, Alex Fortune, Alex Jashinski

Featured Female Dancers
Abbie Wells, Rachel Schirber, Sierra Stahly, Mikaela Schmitt, Morgan Caviar, Kaitlyn Jashinski, Sarah Navman, Sarah Wright, Cami Bizal

Nadia Weaver, Abby Abrams, Rebecca Bachmuth, Aamina Mariam, Megan Ripple, Lauren Miles, Krista Roderick, Gracie Wright, Maggie Young, Emerald Winkler

Carter Hassman, Andrew LaSalle, Tony Yakre, Joey Yakre, Corey Woltman, Annabelle Heckert, Tristyn Kaeb, Kaila Slinger, Hannah Wright, Ella Kemper, Megan Funk, Irem Lewis, Kaylee Woltman, Ashley Estes, Megan Weaver, Rachel Darling, Elsa Harmon, Emma Evans