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Getting Involved, Changing the World

Hannah Cole, Managing Editor

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As the midterm elections steadily approach, many students look for various ways to get involved.  Avid Yoder fans and Sharice Davids enthusiasts alike possess an array opportunities at their disposal. Political actions exist that can influence and help either party.

One method of volunteering is canvassing. Canvassing involves travelling door to door and talking with voters directly. Either office sends volunteers into town with a list of houses and literature on their candidate. Volunteers are instructed to knock on the voters door and discuss the candidate. They explain the candidates background, political views and their plans for the future with hopes of persuading them to vote. The voters response is recorded and canvassers continue on their route.

Politicians and campaign managers attribute most success to this method. Engaging in a personal conversation is thought to coax voters to a certain side, but canvassing is not the only option.

Calling voters is yet another way to participate. While the conversation is not face to face, this verbal interaction still helps to connect to other people. Voters still receive important information that contributes to their decisions. Coming into the candidates office, even for a short period of time, may turn the votes. If speaking to strangers is a daunting concept, other activities are more independent and private.

Volunteers are also presented with the option of writing postcards. Writing a postcard to a potential voter helps reinforce the importance of voting. Receiving one of these cards before the midterm election not only reminds individuals to participate, it adds to the personal connection. This connection may differ from a real conversation, but it is still vital.

These are just a few volunteer options among many. If you wish to make an impact, any of these tasks will do so. If none of these speak to you, visit the official sites of Sharice Davids or Kevin Yoder for more information.

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