Finally, Finals

Lauren Prehn, Editor-In-Chief

It’s that time of year again, the end of year stress surrounding finals is in full force. For many students, these last few days are spent calculating what grades they need on final exams and cramming information from old units. Note taking and study sessions are accompanied by coffee and late nights. While striving for an A in notoriously challenging classes is likely the goal of many students, practicing self-care during this stressful time is just as important to getting good grades. Here are some tips to help get through finals healthy and with lower stress levels:

Prioritize Studying

Websites like this provide you with the grade you need to get on your final to receive your desired overall grade. Just enter your current grade, the percentage the final is worth and the overall grade you want and the website will make the calculation. Knowing what grades on finals you need helps you set up a study plan and prioritize certain classes. That is not to say you should only study for certain finals, you might just want to spend more time studying for a final you need a 92% to keep a B in rather than a final you only need a 74% to keep an A.

Eat Well

It may be easy to lose track of time as you prepare for finals and eat whatever and whenever is convenient. However, make to eat healthy, balanced meals to keep you energized throughout the days leading up to and during finals.

Be Well-Rested

Sleep is extremely important any day of the year, but it is especially important before exams. Don’t pull an all-nighter cramming last minute information before a final. Retaining and recalling information becomes nearly impossible when you are running off of two hours of sleep. Keep your sleep schedule consistent and get a reasonable amount of sleep each night.

Stay Focused

Distractions are ever-present due to technology and social media. Ignoring and limiting these distractions is vital to successful studying. Put your phone on airplane mode or temporarily delete your social media apps to keep you focused. Studying at a coffee shop or library might help keep you on track as well.