MacBook Q&A

Kyler Murphy, Reporter

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Technology Integration Specialist Stacey Rodina answers several frequently questions about student  MacBooks

Q: Why did each student get a MacBook?

A: “The District decided it was time to go to a one-to-one learner classroom. So that every student has fair and equitable access to technology.”

Q: Do students keep the MacBooks over the summer?

A: “Yes, students get to keep the MacBooks over summer.”

Q: What does hacking mean in the responsible use agreement?

A: “If you go into the device and change it so that you are an admin. on the device, or change the software in a way that allows you to download software. To deface the device and its intended purpose so that you can get around the security measures and do things your not supposed to do.”

Q: Will students be able to change the background of the devices?

A: “It was asked for but was decided against as there was no good way to do it. They would have to monitor all of the backgrounds and that just wasn’t feasible. People wanted it so you could have some level of customization, so hopefully they will change that.”

Q: What does a student have to do if they break their laptop? A: “They get to see Ms. Rodina, talk about it with her if they accidently drop it then you won’t be punished. They have to go to an administrator they have to get it signed off then they will get a new laptop. If the MacBook keeps getting broken it may not be replaced.”

Q: Do you see the district policies getting more or less strict over the next year?

A: “It depends on the students’ behavior. If just one student isn’t following the rules, the agreements might be adjusted for them it could go as far as no laptop.”

Q: Do you have anything else to add?

A: “Take your time, look at the directions. Many needed applications will be in Self Service and  can be downloaded there.”

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