Junior Sports and Activities

These are a few highlights of the Junior class (2022) participating in activities and sports. All photos taken by Libby Schwabauer.

Junior Brooks Lowe pins down his competition during the BVNW dual.
Another photo of Brooks Lowe beating his opponent.
Junior Matt Lancaster prepares to tackle his opponent at the BVNW dual.
Junior Luke Olsen gets pinned by his wrestling opponent from Campus high.
Junior Ben Darling celebrates his win against his opponent from Campus high.
Sam Ungashick, Junior, prepares to take his first of two free throws.
Junior Bryce Hanson goes up for the shot against BVNW.
Luke Allgaier, Junior, puts up a shot against his three BVNW opponents.
Junior Cooper Forcellini practices his dribbling in his warm up against BVNW.
Junior Nora Townsend participates in her anatomy lab.
Claudia Winger, Junior, punctures her arm as an anatomy lab.
Junior Juliette Talley paints her handmade bowl in ceramics class.
Sophie Mueller, Junior paints her bowl in ceramics.
Junior Sophie Mueller working hard in ceramics class.
More shots of Junior Sophie Mueller in ceramics class.
Juniors Grace Bartlett and Morgan Colangelo get ready for the serve from their SMNW opponent.
Taylor Stockman, Junior, gets support from her teammates in the State Quarter-Finals.
Junior Brooke Leiker prepares to block the hit from SMNW.
Grace Bartlett, Junior, high fives her teammate Morgan Colangelo after winning a point for the team.
Junior Taylor Stockman smiles from the support of her teammate in the game against SMNW.
Junior Jordyn Anderson smiles to her teammates in her State Quarter-Final game.
Morgan Colangelo, Junior, waves to the crowd before her State Quarter-Final game against SMNW.
Junior Jackson Lovich celebrates his game tying shot against BVH.
Jackson Lovich, Junior, passes the ball to his teammate in his game against BVH.
Junior Cooper Forcellini tumbles over his STA opponent on Oct. 15.
Junior Cooper Forcellini runs for the ball in his game against STA.
Jack Ratigan, Junior, takes his second free throw in his game against BVH.
Junior Sam Ungashick claps in celebration of his teammates against BVH.
Tony Bono, Junior, warms up to play against BVNW.
Junior Sam Ungashick dribbles the ball down the court in his game against BVH.
Juniors Kaleb Wagner and Tony Bono go for the tackle against their BVNW competition.
Junior Jack Ratigan after shooting a deep two-point shot against BVH.
Junior Jack Spencer claps for his teammates in his game against BVH.
Junior Luke Olsen pins down his opponent from Campus High School in the dual at BVNW.