Boys Varsity Sports

Boy’s Varsity Soccer, Football and Wrestling



Ben Darling in a ready position right as the match started.

Jaudon Mandley cheering after he got a tackle.

The quarterback Gage Roach waiting to go in the game. G

The varsity football team lined up on offense.

Jaudon Mandley in a ready stance waiting to tackle.

The Varsity football team huddled up listening to their coach.

Brooks Lowe cooling down after a big play.

Jaden Mayfield and Rocco Hicks cheering each other on after a play.

The varsity football team huddled up getting a talk from their coach.

Scott Riddle standing on the sidelines.

Omar Abdelmoity kicking the ball across the field.

Cooper Forcellini reacting to the play.

Tyler Gagel walking towards the ref after a call was made.

Colin Welsh placing the ball before kicking it.

Cooper Forcellini about to take a penalty kick.

Blake Barrick running towards the goal while kicking the ball.

Tony Bono after doing a corner kick.

Omar Abdelmotiy dribbles the ball down the field against BVSW.

Colin Welsh at senior night standing by his parents being recognized.

Kaleb Wagner catching his breath in a game against BVSW.

Max Lamar running out of the banner before the game.

The boy’s varsity football team lined up waiting for a kickoff.

Cooper Forcellini running down the field against BVSW.

Drew Newbold watching as a call was made.

Sam Ungashick smiling at Zach Hinds on the sideline.

Tony Bono dribbling the ball down the field.

Cooper Forcellini faced up against BVSW player.

Nick Edwards at senior night next to his parents.

Thomas Edwards smiling at senior night with his parents.

Tony Bono running into the field after doing a corner kick.