Marching Through the Rain?

Natalie Lindmark, Reporter

March is here! That means spring will shortly be on the way, and so is the rain. Spring showers are are a highly anticipated occurrence, especially when affecting more than just sights around us, like bringing back beautiful colors. When talking about spring rain, one of the first words that comes to mind is “slick”. Just as the winter months are ending with snow and ice, rain and slickness comes, proving to be just as dangerous for drivers on the road. Slickness on roads; rainy, foggy, dreary mornings; and harsh thunderstorms are all things that affect drivers, especially high school drivers, all around the nation. Close to 50 percent of the accidents on the road are from weather and wet pavements. Taking precautions is important in the upcoming months as weather conditions are known to create dangerous and potentially life threatening conditions. Take precautions by slowing down, and being alert this upcoming spring season!