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Clowning Around: “It” Review

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Jonah Park and Stephen Kinder

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The 2017 screen adaption of Stephen King’s “It” is as disturbing as it is heartwarming. A Breakfast Club group of bullied kids combine forces when Pennywise, a shapeshifting clown, begins hunting children. The antagonist is slightly reminiscent of the clown epidemic of 2016. After the mysterious disappearance of his brother Georgie, Bill dedicates most of his time to find him. His parents are convinced that he is dead, but Bill keeps faith.

The recurring theme of friendship and brotherhood is evident throughout the kids’s adventure. After Eddie breaks his arm, Richie decides to secede from the group. They are disbanded and each one of them are terrorized by Pennywise. The presentation of their individual struggles leads them to realize that they are better together. Bill, knowing that Pennywise must be stopped, hypes up the rest of his team with a confident and stutter-less diatribe. They overcome their fears, and collectively slaughter Pennywise. At the conclusion of the film, each member symbolically unite as blood brothers. The heartwarming conclusion solidifies their brotherhood, emphasizing the importance of teamwork.

The entire film revolves around the evil clown Pennywise, who cleverly takes advantage of each kid’s greatest fear. It is convenient that he can shape shift, as he is able to terrorize them with ease. Pennywise’s presence is represented with a red balloon. It soon develops itself into a symbol of an upcoming terror, warning the audience of a jumpscare.

Overall, the movie is a creative blend of a traditional horror movie and a theme-driven narrative. Some of the characters’s decisions are questionable, but follows the archetype of every other horror movie. Pennywise is definitely a haunting and intimidating character.

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