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Band Students Cope With Mask Wearing While Playing

Students playing brass instruments must wear specialized masks on their faces and the end of their instruments.
Both musicians, and many of their instruments, are outfitted to stop COVID-19 spread
November 18, 2020

Most have gotten used to wearing masks at school, at Quik Trip or shopping. Athletes are playing and practicing in masks. What is not seen are band students attempting to play while wearing masks. Musicians...

Marvel Movies Review

Marvel Movies Review
A review of the iconic Avenger movies.
November 17, 2020

The Avengers The strongest superheroes come together to fight Thor’s evil brother Loki from the Tesseract. Superheros from different backgrounds and different strengths have to work as a team to save...

Hanging With Friends Covid-19 Edition

Hanging With Friends Covid-19 Edition
6 ft apart. Masks. Stay At Home Orders.
November 9, 2020

COVID has made our lives take an unexpected turn. Its hit has made our lives completely change from our normal to a new normal in a matter of months. With the precautions the pandemic presented itself...

The Year of Horrors on the Night of Horrors

Trick- Treaters are forced to be creative, as mask become a requirement.
November 5, 2020

2020 may be a mess, but if there is one thing no one wants to flop this year, it’s Halloween. It seems like there’s not much coronavirus can do to impede the holiday, except maybe slow down the parties...

A Starry Performance

A Starry Performance
April 13, 2020

BV West is always bustling with different activities and sports, always a constant stream of students in and out of the building. Basketball, football and baseball stand at the forefront but another challenging...

Valentine’s Day Gifts Review

The best and worst possible Valentine's Day gifts to avoid or look for this February
February 11, 2020

Best A bouquet of flowers is a staple Valentine’s Day gift for a good reason. They are relatively inexpensive so they are perfect if you’re on a budget, or if the flowers are one of several gifts....

What to Stream?

Comparing music streaming services to determine the best service.
February 4, 2020

Dancing Through the Holidays

December 17, 2019

The soft snow piles on the ground, reflecting the sunlight as the smell of cinnamon swirls around homes and stores. The beginning notes of the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” can we be heard everywhere....

Fall 2019 Choir Concert

Freshman concert choir students perform in the Fall Concert on Oct. 10.
Photo Gallery of Oct. 10 Concert
October 28, 2019

Choir students in all performance groups performed a variety of music. All grades had soloists and featured ensembles.           ...

Classic Halloween Movies to Watch All Season Long

Classic Halloween Movies to Watch All Season Long
A list of 14 movies perfect to watch during this halloween season and 5 new arrivals coming to theaters
October 10, 2019

Halloween Movies Hocus Pocus Max Dennison, with the help of his sister Dani and friend Allison, explores an abandoned house after moving to Salem Mass. In this house, Max accidentally  releases...

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