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Theater director, Reed Uthe, leads students through improvisation activities during class on Nov. 20.

Performing Arts Live Event Moratorium Evokes Calls of Double-Standard

Theater and music groups inability to host live events demoralizes participants in light of continuance of sports competitions
Lillie Barr, Guest Writer December 5, 2020

“All the world’s a stage.” William Shakespeare. At BV West, the stage is only half lit. Without live performances and concerts to prepare for, the Performing Arts students and teachers...

Respecting Ethnic Names

Respecting Ethnic Names

Individuals with ethnic names face discrimination: there are ways to reduce the problem
Kevin Glenn, Sports Reporter November 21, 2020

Marvel Movies Review

Marvel Movies Review

A review of the iconic Avenger movies.
Rachel Park, Reporter November 17, 2020

The Avengers The strongest superheroes come together to fight Thor’s evil brother Loki from the Tesseract. Superheros from different backgrounds and different strengths have to work as a team to save...

First Impressions

Lauren Meixner, Reporter September 27, 2020

The first week of school was a confusing time for all virtual students. Scheduling problems caused a lot of stress, and just figuring out when your classes were was a struggle. While some students were...

Space Son

Space Son

Jaden Dudrey, Illustrator November 8, 2018

Feel free to ask about prints or commissions on my Instagram @djandthefandoms

The 95 Theses of AP Euro

Rae Zimmerli, Contributer April 18, 2018

The 95 Theses (of AP Euro) Posted April 18, AD 2018 It has been 500 years exactly since Martin Luther published his 95 theses and we aren’t recognizing this holiday Movies about Martin...

Marching Through the Rain?

Natalie Lindmark, Reporter March 4, 2018

March is here! That means spring will shortly be on the way, and so is the rain. Spring showers are are a highly anticipated occurrence, especially when affecting more than just sights around us, like...

10 Horrible 1-Liners for Your Valentine

Rae Zimmerli, Contributer February 14, 2018

1.I love you, even though you look like a BURNT chicken nugget, I still love you. 2.We all get loved, you either love yourself or get loved, whatcha gonna do? 3. I’d care if you...

Should the Government Pay for College

Equality will be increased with equal education for all
Kolbie Christensen, Contributor December 4, 2017

Imagine walking down the street and almost every person has a chain tied around their ankle. All are struggling to walk, the chain dragging and scraping the pavement. They can’t go far because if they...

Welcome to the Jungle Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Jungle Photo Gallery

Rachel Pickett, Editor-in-Chief August 3, 2017

Last night, BV West freshmen mentors, administrators, teachers and counselors welcomed the Class of 2021 at the annual "Welcome to the Jungle" event. Incoming freshmen played trivia games, witnessed a...

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