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Anime/Manga Review

Anime/Manga Review

Kennedy Kramer and Jaden Dudrey

May 15, 2019

Don't be thrown off by the fact that it's animated, the characters can be aggravating at times or their general appearance. Most shows have a great plot! Surely there's a genre out there for every taste.   Assassination classroom: The entirety of the planet is under attack by an unkillabl...

Tips for Finals!

Kolbie Christensen and Natalie Lindmark

May 9, 2019

With the end of the year coming, BV West reporters Kolbie Christensen and Natalie Lindmark are here for some last minute tips and tricks for finishing strong! DONT PROCRASTINATE Projects, tests and essays oh my! With the 7 classload it can be overwhelming. Stay on top of your work and don't get be...

Take Your Hat Off

Jewel Slemmons, Reporter

May 7, 2019

Take off your hat, school is in session. You’re distracting. You’re being disrespectful to soldiers. Take. your hat. OFF. These are common phrases used by teachers and administrators at schools around the country towards students wearing hats at school. The majority of school administrators ...

Snapchat: A Joy and A Burden

Meghan Hartnett

April 25, 2019

Snapchat is a messaging app where you can communicate with friends through pictures and text. People of all ages, but mainly teenagers, use Snapchat as their primary source of communication. The app is an easy way to stay up-to-date with what their friends are up to and be able to communicate easily. ...

Locked Out

Kyler Murphy, Reporter

March 19, 2019

It’s here again, the bathrooms are locked during jag. This was decided upon by the administrative team here at the school. “What we started to see were some issues regarding vaping going on in our restrooms” Assistant Principal Bryan Brutto said. While I do think that vaping in the school bathrooms is...

Bob The Resume Builder

Hannah Cole, Managing Editor

March 19, 2019

Picture the perfect student. Perfect grades. Perfect test scores. Perfect attendance record. Perfect attitude. Perfect level of participation in activities and sports. Perfect leadership resume. The perfect student that all colleges will approve of. To embody the perfect student and earn that college acceptance l...

Finally, Finals

Lauren Prehn, Editor-In-Chief

December 15, 2018

It's that time of year again, the end of year stress surrounding finals is in full force. For many students, these last few days are spent calculating what grades they need on final exams and cramming information from old units. Note taking and study sessions are accompanied by coffee and late nights....

Ripple of Kindness

Lauren Prehn, Editor-In-Chief

December 13, 2018

A smile is worth a thousand words. As trivial as this may sound, even simple displays of kindness have the potential to spread an abundance of happiness. It works like the ripple effect of a pebble thrown into a lake. The seemingly insignificant rock hits the body of water and creates wave after wave. Replace that pebble with a smile and a “good morning” to a stranger in the hall on your way to math class. That brief interaction brightens their day, and in some way or another, they pay it forward and positively influence someone else. Each interaction we have with others has the potential to spread kindness. It can be easy to become consumed in our own lives while paying little attention to the wellbeing of those around us. By dedicating a few moments each day to positively impact the lives of other people, both the benefactors and beneficiaries come away happier.  No kind gesture is ever too small. From picking up a fallen scarf, to writing positive messages on sticky notes, to volunteering at a food bank, there are endless ways to spread positivity throughout the community. Acts of kindness can also be extended to benefit the environment. Give back to the planet by planting a tree, cleaning up a local park or recycling old papers.  In a society riddled with conflict and divisiveness, kindness acts as a middle ground capable of unifying strangers. No matter the magnitude of the gesture, any act of kindness leaves the world in better shape than it was found. Be the positive change, spread happiness and create ripples felt far and wide. GET INSPIRED Implementing acts of kindness into everyday life is made easy by groups like the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Dedicated to changing society through kindness, the foundation’s website provides an extensive list of ways to give back to the community. In addition, the website shares the experiences of others who commit random acts of kindness to inspire others....

Sleeping Through School

Hannah Cole, Managing Editor

December 13, 2018

Wake up, get out of bed, leave for school, learn, homework, sleep. Exhaustion. Unfortunately, the lengthy tasks that encompass a typical day for high school students leave little time for rest. As homework and responsibility pile up, students find themselves sleeping less and worrying more. This increas...

An Education Issue

Hannah Cole, Managing Editor

October 19, 2018

Step by step, my feet bring me closer to class as my mind longs to be elsewhere. Breathing in and out, I mentally prepare for the exhaustion I will face today.  I take my seat. Tapping my pencil up and down, a test is placed in front of me. Staring down at the clean sheet, I’m frozen with indecision...

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