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1st Quarter Wrap-Up

1st Quarter Wrap-Up

Kelsie-Jane Ganal, Guest Writer October 24, 2021

Looking back to the beginning of summer, school opening back up felt like it would be light-years away. But those light-years slowly turned into months, which turned into weeks, that turned into days and...

Hey Siri, Define Patriotism

Hey Siri, Define “Patriotism”

Aminah Syed, Editor-In-Chief (2021-22) March 11, 2021

Monday morning, 7:45 a.m., the last bell rings. “I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America,” Most of us remember standing at our seats in elementary school, facing the American...

To Get a Shot, Or Not?

Kiley Peterson and Lucy Call March 9, 2021

Throughout the last couple of months, the COVID-19 vaccine has been a hot topic. As the vaccine is becoming more available, people are struggling with the question of “should I take it?" For some, the...

The Left

The Left

Aminah Syed, Editor-In-Chief (2021-22) February 13, 2021

The upcoming election is five days away and is, perhaps, one of the most contested in the history of our nation. The top two candidates are polarized; supporters on both sides are steadfast. I got involved...

BVSD tweet regarding Feb. 2021 learning modes


Kailey DeWitt, Guest Writer January 22, 2021

When I hear the words "online school" it makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry. Thinking about all the assignments I haven’t finished, the video calls, and the stress of upcoming tests freaks...

2020 Final Exams...2021

2020 Final Exams…2021

Ekansh Gupta, Reporter December 16, 2020

Despite the late start to the school year, students not happy about finals in January Although it has been quite a rocky year, the change to the finals schedule is yet another “new normal”...

Surveillance or Safety?

Surveillance or Safety?

Jillian Dunlay, Reporter February 4, 2020

Today’s teens find that technology is a focal point in their lives. Cell phones are young people’s constant companions, enabling access to a plethora of streaming services, search engines and entertaining...

Right Mind, Wrong Body

Aminah Syed and Rachel Zimmerli December 18, 2019

As local and national journalists practice their agenda-setting function, more and more news programs discuss the increasing prevalence of transgender individuals, gender dysphoria and how those conditions...

More than a Voice

Jillian Dunlay, Reporter December 17, 2019

In April 2018, students proudly walked out of class to protest gun violence and support gun reform in a demonstration both planned and managed by students. The walk-out was not an excuse to skip class....

Student Loan Crisis

Jillian Dunlay, Reporter December 17, 2019

The word “college” usually excites seniors. The idea of living away from home and socializing with new people leaves many high school students fantasizing about their first day at university. However,...

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