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A Striking Movie: Thor Ragnarok

Hannah Cole, Reporter

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe released yet another amazing movie, Thor: Ragnarok. The movie came out Nov. 3, making 121 million dollars in just the first week.

This new addition was a hilarious, action-packed and satisfying movie to watch.

In the past, the Thor movies have been very serious but this one was packed with humor. There were tons of funny one-liners and quick comments. Hulk, in particular, had a surprisingly funny storyline. It was a great change of pace from the regular bruiting nature of the franchise.

Also, there are tons of thrilling fighting sequences. Throughout the movie, the intensity of the fights builds. It begins with Thor being defeated multiple times by various characters. Throughout the movie  Thor’s power builds, ending with an insane fighting scene at the end that was won in an unexpected way.

Finally, the movie was extremely satisfying to watch. In the beginning, something is very wrong with Thor and Asgard. Thor loses his hammer and his home which destroys any hope he previously had. However, he learns to live and keep fighting. The most amazing scene was when he was beaten down but he got back up with an explosion of lighting. Watching a character fulfill his almost impossible goal made the whole movie come together.

Thor: Ragnarok is a fantastic movie for all genders and all ages. If you enjoy comedy, action, and a great story-line see this movie, in theaters now.

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