Love, Simon: A Necessary Film for Young Generations

Hannah Cole, Reporter

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“Love, Simon” is a groundbreaking, important movie that is providing the LGTBQ community with a chance to shine in pop culture.

The film, directed by Greg Berlanti, showcases a closeted teen in high school. Simon, played by Nick Robinson, secretly voices his difficulties in having to hide such a large part of himself from his close friends and family. However, he soon finds an anonymous friend, Blue, who is secretly gay as well. Throughout the movie, it becomes apparent that Simon is in love the mysterious Blue.

Things take a turn for the worse when Simon is blackmailed with his sexuality. He is forced to betray and lie to others in order to keep his own secret hidden. Eventually, Simon is outed and his friends discover what he did to protect his secret. Simon experiences difficulties with his parents and bullies at school, as well as with Blue who, gets scared of being outed too.

However, things begin to look up. Simon has a tear-jerking moment with his mom, in which she tells him that he can finally “exhale”. Simon does not have to hold his breath like he held his secret. Simon’s dad also tears up while telling his son just how much he loves him.

At school, Simon’s friends eventually forgive him, realizing how scared Simon was to have his secret exposed. As for the bullies, they got hilariously told off by a teacher. Needless to say, their lesson was learned.

Finally, Blue, whose real name is Bram, meets Simon in person. They ride a Ferris wheel and kiss while their entire school cheers them on. It was amazing to see the support Simon gathered not only from his friends but from his entire school.

While the ending is very cheesy and happy, the whole movie and high school scene felt very real and relatable. Certain high school movies can be so stereotypical, it was nice to have a more realistic portrayal. It is so important that teens of any sexuality have the opportunity to relate to the movie and its characters.

“Love, Simon” is proving to be a much-needed film. Not only has it given all teens a relatable story, it has also inspired people to come out. Various people, including Nick Robinson’s brother, have come out because of this movie.

People of all ages, races, genders and sexuality will enjoy this beautiful story.

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