Jazz Band Concert 11/4

Audiences enjoy the annual fall Jazz concert on 11/4.

Morgan Magee, Photographer

Drew Chandler playing alongside other Jazz band member Elijah Jay. (Morgan Magee)
Morgan Magee
Jazz band playing “My Funny Valentine” at the fall concert. (Morgan Magee)
Two jazz band members looking at music mid concert. (Morgan Magee)
Jazz band mid-performance, also in shot one of the three Jazz band directors. (Morgan Magee)
Picture of the whole jazz band including two directors. (Morgan Magee)
Crowed watching the jazz band perform, they gave a standing ovation after every song. (Morgan Magee)
Band director Ryan Ramsey conducting jazz band. (Morgan Magee)
Band director Justin Love watching jazz band perform from the wings. (Morgan Magee)
Great shot of jazz band playing their first song of the performance. (Morgan Magee)