1st Quarter Wrap-Up

Freshman perspective on the first few months of high school


Kelsie-Jane Ganal, Guest Writer

Looking back to the beginning of summer, school opening back up felt like it would be light-years away. But those light-years slowly turned into months, which turned into weeks, that turned into days and now it’s already three months into the school year. For freshmen, transitioning from middle school to high school has been something many of us have been looking forward to for a while now, and it’s not only exciting but also a drastic change.

Coming from Lakewood or Pleasant Ridge to the BV West, there have been a lot more opportunities for fun and we have more independence and privileges at school. For instance, teachers are a lot less strict about things like our phones which we now can freely use at lunch and can be out in some classes if you’re not completely distracted and are engaging throughout the class. Freshman had a variety of “favorites” at their new school.

“Getting to make more friends,” said Emory Ashcraft.

“JAG.” was a common answer for many. Most felt it was an amazing opportunity that helps all of us stay on top of our work anf and get things done.

Although we have a lot more freedom and privileges in high school, like the iconic Marvel quote says “with great power comes great responsibility.” All of us have also quickly learned that teachers expect a lot more from us now and because of that we have to focus on becoming better at things like time management, having responsibility, and taking accountability and because of this sometimes staying on top of things can be very stressful.

Ashcraft had some advice to anyone starting their first quarter of high school.

“Only take one honors class because people taking more talk about how it’s so hard to manage,” Ashcraft said.

I agree. Taking honors can be incredibly challenging at times, those classes really make you think. My advice, if I could give any, would be to not put too much on your plate because you’d rather be passing something you can handle instead of struggling on what you can’t.

Getting the opportunity to join clubs, fall sports, fall plays, and school dances like homecoming are things we all love that we can do. It’s another way we’ve been able to make friends and find people who have a passion for the same things that we do. Going out to support and cheer our volleyball, soccer, or the varsity football team on Friday nights can be the thing that makes your entire week. Getting to be all together as a school in the stands cheering so loud that you almost lose your voice while participating in fun themes like Wild West and the Annual Pink-Out are some of the most exciting things I’ve experienced in high school so far and other freshmen agree.

Other freshman’s favorite experiences are similar.

“Getting to go to games and make new friends are my favorites,” said Addison Griffey.

The after-school and club activities opportunities we’ve had, have really helped us make friends and bring everyone closer together.

Reflecting back, there are certainly a lot that many other freshmen and I have learned so far and would’ve done differently, but the first quarter at BV West was definitely a fun experience. Although we’re still learning, we’ve made tons of memories, and as these four years fly by we’re all definitely excited and ready to make many more.