New JAG Night Jan. 25 2022

8th graders from Lakewood Middle and Pleasant Ridge visited BV West


Julian Duarte

A person of the Blue Valley West Color Guard is presenting their flag supporting the school.

Julian Duarte, Hadley Kelemen, Lydia Ungashick

The Cross country elective table is shown with jerseys and valentine candy spread out. (Julian Duarte)
BVW’s theatre table at New Jag Night! (Lydia Ungashick)
Blue Valley West has an amazing volleyball program. Sophomore Ava Hefner successfully convinces two eight grade girls to play volleyball. (Hadley Kelemen)
Sophomore Anna Hawk works hard to convince an incoming Jag to join cross country. (Hadley Kelemen)
Members of Blue Valley West’s varsity volleyball team extend their hands to welcome incoming freshmen to the volleyball program. (Hadley Kelemen)
Hadley Kelemen
Members of the French National Honors Society show off their “bracelets d’amities” they made earlier that day. (Hadley Kelemen)
The artwork on the wall shows off what these incoming jags will get to create when they take art classes at West. (Hadley Kelemen)
A group of incoming freshmen pose for a picture with their friends. (Hadley Kelemen)
Senior Izzy Gifford talks to some 8th grade girls about joining West swim and dive. (Hadley Kelemen)
A group of boys wanting to learn more about basketball smile for the camera. (Lydia Ungashick)
A group of girls smile after learning about the clubs at BVW. (Lydia Ungashick)
Two 8th grade boys play chess in the library on New Jag Night. (Lydia Ungashick)
A group of 8th girls pose for a picture at New Jag Night. (Lydia Ungashick)
The Spot sells some new jaguar apparel to a future jag. (Lydia Ungashick)
Teacher, Mrs. Roberts, explains her class to some parents on New Jag Night. (Lydia Ungashick)
Caroline Orr smiles for New Jag Night. (Lydia Ungashick)
Cross Country’s group welcoming new jags at their table for New Jag Night. (Lydia Ungashick)
A ceramic bird is center stage in the artistic section of the class choices. (Julian Duarte)
2 people inquisitively look at the 2021 yearbook together. (Julian Duarte)
The cheer table is being presented with forms for joining and pompoms on display as well. (Julian Duarte)
A multitude of ceramic creations are being put on display during JAG night. (Julian Duarte)
A teacher is explaining something to a parent. (Julian Duarte)
Two people are playing a game of chess in the school library with the 3d printer pieces. (Julian Duarte)
A couple of people are writing down names to sign up for electives they can take when they get into highschool. (Julian Duarte)
A person of the Blue Valley West Color Guard is presenting their flag supporting the school. (Julian Duarte)
This elective table is all about the opportunity to join FCCLA with a shirt, along with forms to join. (Julian Duarte)