Choir Concert Oct. 13

All choir classes performed at the annual concert

Julian Duarte, Andy Duarte, Rebeca Flores Luna, Aditi Mehra, Photographer

These singers are crooning as the audience watches them perform. (Julian Duarte)
Senior Sophia Carey sings with other choir members as they perform their annual renaissance piece. (Aditi Mehra)
Junior Ella Ratigan sings with other choir members as they perform their renaissance piece (Aditi Mehra)
BVW Choir choncert harmonizes as they perform their annual choir concert (Aditi Mehra)
BVW Choir Concert performs their fall choir concert (Aditi Mehra)
Junior Kennedy White sings during fall choir concert (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Lillie Barr singing with the Chorale at the end of the concert. (Rebeca Flores Luna)
The Chorale singing together conducted by Mrs. Modelski (Rebeca Flores Luna)
Senior Jake Barton sings his solo during the Chorale performance. (Rebeca Flores Luna)
The chorale singing together to help conclude the concert. (Rebeca Flores Luna)
Senior Caroline Epp plays the violin for the Men of the Choir. (Rebeca Flores Luna)
Junior Vince Li reads his music while performing with the Chamber Singers. (Rebeca Flores Luna)
The Choraliers singing together while being conducted by Mrs. Modelski. (Rebeca Flores Luna)
The freshman concert choir sings together, opening the fall choir concert. (Rebeca Flores Luna)
The chorale choir group sings together while wrapping up the concert. (Rebeca Flores Luna)
What a chorus! Mrs. Modelski leads a group of talented singers through a song!
Kennedy White glows as she sings in an old fashioned dress amongst the other choir members!
Bright in vocals and in costume! The choir gives a rendition of an old song as they wear clothing of the olden days!
What a group! The boys really shine during this concert singing their hearts out!
The girls and boys come together to give a roaring performance in a foreign song!
Mrs. Modelski directs a group of girls singing gesturing to raise their voice by a bit
Girls in bright red dresses are excited to be singing together in the Fall Concert!
Singers in fine suits such as Vance Li and Hadley Holmes amongst many others sing together beautifully!
Black suited singers erupt in harmonization as a new number comes on. (Julian Duarte)
Singer Jake Barton gives it his all as he takes the microphone and sings melodically. (Julian Duarte)
Caroline Epp gave an amazing performance on the Violin and WOWS the crowd! (Julian Duarte)
Singer Lily Seitz is front and center in this photo, and sings her heart out! (Julian Duarte)
Mrs. Modelski is addressing the crowd and thanking them for their attendance as she shines radiantly, basking in the stage glow. (Julian Duarte)
Wesley Kratochvil is singing in a solo while the crowd awaits every breath. (Julian Duarte)
The red lined dressed singers are singing along to the motions of Mrs. Modelskis hand gestures. (Julian Duarte)