Red and Silver Brigade Marching Competitions 9/24, 10/15, 10/22

The BV West Red and Silver Brigade Performs at the Blue Springs, Odessa, and Kansas Bandmasters State Championships. Ending the season at KBA with 5th in the state overall and winning best auxillary (Colorguard).

Elizabeth Edmondson, BJohnson Photography, Photographer

Senior Soloists Elizabeth Edmondson and Trey Krizek perform the end of the ballet together (B.Johnson Photography )
The Band plays football to pass the time between performances (Elizabeth Edmondson),
Sophomore Avery Black dances with the music playing at camp (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Soloists Lillie and Eshan perform Young and Beautiful on top of the fountain (B.Johnson Photography )
Clarinet Haasini Gorrepati performs with the water of the fountain during the closer (B.Johnson Photography )
While playing football, the blue team has a team huddle (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Girls relax and hang out with friends to rest before a performance (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Ian Ruebelmann moves with the band to bring focus to the soloist. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Pit plays their percussion instruments while the Colorguard performs behind them (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Band members play football to pass the time between performances (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Captain Julianna Holmes Prefoms her solo on the fountain (B.Johnson Photography )
The band dances around the Soloists Eric and Julianna (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Drum Major Lillie Large Sings Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey (B.Johnson Photography )
Drum Majors Megan Svoren, Nate Wisdom, and Lillie Large, and Colorguard Captains Elizabeth Edmondson and Julianna Holmes present themselves on behalf of the band to receive awards. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Captain Julianna Holmes adds glitter to the performing Guard members (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Drum Major Nate Wisdom conducts while the band performs (B.Johnson Photography )
The Woodwind feature complements Riffle Line as they perform together (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Snair line warms up for their performance (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Band Members play an intense game of down by the banks (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Mr. Arnet keeps the beat with drumline while they prepare for a percussion-only performance, a part of the competition. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Band Members play down by the banks while waiting for dinner (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Braden McConnell throws the football to other band members (Elizabeth Edmondson)