Holiday Choir Concert 12/14

After power outage moves concert date, audience provides thunderous applause for concert

Grace Keller, Selma Khokher, Stella West, Rebeca Flores-Luna, Meredith Cohee, Photographers

Henry Stoothoff performing a solo at the holiday choir concert. (Grace Keller)
Senior Ellie winn and senior Faith Holbrook hugging during the choir performance (Meredith cohee)
Meredith cohee
meredith cohee
Meredith Cohee
Meredith cohee
Meredith Cohee
Meredith Cohee
Boy’s choir group preforming a Christmas song with hand movements. (Stella West)
Mrs. Modelski the choir teacher looking to the crowd as they applaud. (Stella West)
Freshman Amanda Lewis preforming a solo with the freshman girls choir group. (Stella West)
Junior Kennedy White performing with the chamber group for a Hawaiian Christmas song. (Stella West)
Sophomore Kenzie Alexander showing her spirit during her holiday performance. (Selma Khokher)


Seniors Mccartney Franklin and Henry Stoothoff dressed up as Santa Claus and Rudolph performing a song together. (Selma Khokher)
Senior Lillie Large performing her solo on her flute to Night of a Father’s Love. (Selma Khokher)
Seniors McCartney Franklin, Lillie Barr, Ellen Kryer, Faith Holbrook and Junior Ella Ratigan posing together. (Selma Khokher)
Senior choir boys having a blast during their rendition of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” during the holiday concert. (Grace Keller)
Faith Holbrook singing a solo during the choir performance on Dec. 14. (Grace Keller)
Concert Choir girls doing a kickline during the holiday choir concert on Dec. 14. (Grace Keller)
Senior Tatum Harrison performing a solo at the holiday choir concert. (Grace Keller)