Choir Chorale Concert 1/24/2023

Julian Duarte, Andy Duarte, Rebeca Flores Luna, Photographer

Senior Sophia Carrey singing her duet to help the choir program go to Hawaii’s competition in 2024! (Rebeca Flores Luna)
Junior Lily Seitz singing a duet to help raise money from the choir concert! (Rebeca Flores Luna)
Mrs. Modelski singing the song she sang at her senior choir concert in honor of the annual choir banquet! (Rebeca Flores Luna)
Senior (Rebeca Flores Luna)

Junior Emma Burmaster singing to Say my Name in order to raise money for the choir program! (Rebeca Flores Luna)
Senior William Prehn playing the guitar while singing a duet for the choir benefit dinner. (Rebeca Flores Luna)
Rebeca Flores Luna
Choir member Joe Gallegos performs “Fly Me To The Moon” in a stunning performance. (Julian Duarte)
A performer at the Choir Chorale Concert sings an original! (Andy Duarte)
The drummer in a band performing at the choir concert is focused! (Andy Duarte)
The lead singer is singing her heart out! (Andy Duarte)
What a team! The choir chorale concert hurries to put italian food on plates to feed hungry audience members! (Andy Duarte)
Sold! The auctioneer manages to sell a homemade cake for over one hundred dollars! (Andy Duarte)
Tasty! A winner in the auction opens her box of Crumbl cookies to share with her family! (Andy Duarte)
Cakes! Kennedy White and Tyler Masterson show off pastries up for auction at the Choir Chorale Concert! (Andy Duarte)
What a voice! Joe Gallegos performs a rendition of “Fly Me to The Moon”. (Andy Duarte)
The bake sale auctioneer is taking bids as for the presented item, as it reaches over the $100 mark! (Julian Duarte)
Choir members Reese O’ Neal and Ellison Hargrove are singing in harmony together in tonights performance. (Julian Duarte)
Haley Dalaba pours her heart out singing an emotional marvel of a performance. (Julian Duarte)
Atharva prepares Fazoli’s for the hungry spectators waiting to see their children perform choir songs. (Julian Duarte)
This band performs with maximum energy and rocks the house! A perfect start to the amazing Choir Chorale Concert. (Julian Duarte)
Families wait in anticipation for the Choir Concert to start. (Julian Duarte)