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Relative Rivalry

Emily Moore, Reporter

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There are many siblings at BV West that wander through the halls in different grades with different group of friends. There are also students that are siblings in the same grade that do hang out with the same people. It would be assumed those siblings would know each other better, but this is not necessarily true. Sophomore twins Kate and Sean Price answered a set of questions and answered them completely different. However, junior Paige Downey and her freshman sister Perri Downey had multiple similar answers. Even more surprising, Paige was actually able to tell us the answer her sister would give to almost every question asked, and she was correct. When Sean Price was asked to give his twin sister’s answer, he got about 3 out of 10 answers correct.

Sean and Kate Price, Sophomores:

-Favorite color: Kate: Sparkles, Sean: Blue.

-Favorite thing to do on the weekends: Kate: Sleep, Sean: play tennis.

-Favorite Class: Kate: CA, Sean: AP European History

-Favorite Animal: Kate: Polar bears, Sean: penguins (at least they are both arctic animals!)

-If you could change one school rule…: Kate: no more JAG passes, Sean: Recess for everyone.

-Favorite movie: Kate: Harry Potter, Sean: Taken.

-Favorite Candy: Kate: Skittles, Sean: Air Heads.

-Favorite sport: Kate: Swimming, Sean: Tennis.

-Favorite Store: Kate: Delia’s, Sean: Tennis Set.

-Favorite restaurant: Kate: Mongolian Barbeque, Sean: Kyoto’s.

Paige and Perri Downey were then interviewed.

Paige Downey, junior & Perri Downey, freshman

-Favorite color: Paige: Pink, Perri, Purple.

-Favorite thing to do on the weekends: Paige and Perri both answered with “hang out with friends”.

-Favorite Class: Paige: Yearbook, Perri: Math.

-Favorite Animal: Paige: Elephant, Perri: puppy.

-If you could change one school rule…: Paige: Allowed to text, Perri: to not have to go at all.

-Favorite movie: Paige: Bridesmaids, Perri: Bad Teacher.

-Favorite Candy: Both answered with Sweet Tarts candy.

-Favorite sport: Both said Softball was their favorite sport.

-Favorite Store: Paige: H&M, Perri: Buckle.

-Favorite restaurant: Both said Olive Garden was their favorite place to eat.

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One Response to “Relative Rivalry”

  1. Mrs. Glenn on March 30th, 2012 6:46 pm

    What a fun web story! These two have always been two of the nicest kids at BVW and LionsGate. Thanks for your story, Emily.


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