A Breath of Fresh Air

Air couch club begins during Power Hour


Kolbie Christensen

Members of the air couch club meet on the 3rd floor during Power Hour on Monday, Oct. 9.

Kolbie Christensen, Editor-In-Chief (2020-21)

BV West has introduced a new club, the Air Couch Club. It has gained popularity after being founded by freshman Maddie Chaney and Madison Shuey.

“Diversity is a really important part of life,” Chaney said. “I think our club is very diverse in the sense that we all come from different social groups but we’re all coming together to enjoy one thing: air couches.”

Air Couch Club meets every Monday in Room 310 with teacher Chelse Skakal as the sponsor. It has a different meaning and purpose to each individual member of the club.

“Air Couch Club is more unique than other clubs because it’s not only revolved around academics but also based on students and what they’re looking for in a club,” freshman Rajneet Lehal said.

While some members of the club think the idea of a small amount of academics in the club is a good idea, other people have a different idea. Junior Jake Manna thinks that clubs are vital to students and help them with their studies but only if the clubs are academic.

“[It] depends on the club that you are talking about, but some clubs are important if they help you academically but not so much if they are not an academic club,” Manna said.

Chaney noted that her club revolves around students and that clubs are something necessary to give kids a place to have fun.

“Clubs are important because clubs are a time outside of school where you have the opportunity to meet new people when you’re not in an academic environment,” Chaney said. “Only meeting people through some of your classes can result in only knowing little about them, but through a club you can get to know people better and make new friends.”

The point of Chaney’s club is to not only make new friends and bond with her close friends, it is to get involved with her school and help to improve the social skills of each member.

The Air Couch Club has big plans for the future on how they plan to help the school and grow their membership.

“Air Couch Club may seem stupid to you and you may judge it by its posters,” Chaney said. “I think it won’t hurt you to come after school and check out the club because it’s a really positive place where everyone can just have a good time and that’s what it’s all about, having a good time with the homies.”