National Day of Hope

Natalie Lindmark, Reporter

Every first Wednesday of April, a very special holiday is celebrated that as far as most of us have known, has gone unrecognized. This year, falling on April 4, National Day of Hope is celebrated. This day is to recognize staying positive, hopeful, and always being kind to others. It was started in April, National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and specifically targets victims of loss, abuse, neglect or those who have struggled. The day was started as a sign of respect to children and adults who struggle with these issues and promotes being there to lend a hand to those who have faced them. To honor this holiday, it is commemorated by lighting candles, a moment of silence, volunteering and donating to any sources around you and of course, always being kind and willing to lend a helping hand. A day of hope continues to fly under the radar as a holiday, and should be recognized in all of its glory as an important day in today’s society.