JV Girls Basketball 2/7

Lexi Reeder, Madyson Starkey, Photographer

Sophomore Suyin Howard was running down the court in hopes of scoring some points. (Lexi Reeder)
Sophomores Liv Gutierrez and Camryn Carlisle were guarding their opponents, so they can’t pass the ball. (Lexi Reeder)
Sophomore Megan Walters showing her BV West spirit during halftime. (Lexi Reeder)
Sophomore Caroline McGrath cheering for our Jags during halftime. (Lexi Reeder)
Sophomore Suyin Howard guarding her opponents pass. (Lexi Reeder)
Millie Reitz was trying to steal the ball from one of her opponents. (Lexi Reeder)
Sophomore Millie Reitz passing the ball to one of her teammates in hopes of scoring some points. (L)
Sophomore Camryn Carlisle looking around for an open teammate to pass to. (Lexi Reeder)
Sophomore Addie Davis shoots and makes a free throw. (Lexi Reeder)