Filled with the Giving Spirit…


Laney Bossi, Editor In Chief

Giving back is a slam dunk! Every year prior to sweetheart, students engage in the “Teddy Bear Toss.” Dozens of fuzzy teddy bears fly toward the gym floor before being brought to Children’s Mercy Hospital. Participants feel proud knowing that they’re helping out a charitable cause.
“We’re always giving back to someone,” senior Rylee Burns said, “And finding a way to show them that we care.”
Burns is in charge of this year’s Teddy Bear Toss. Giving back to the community is a very important thing for her. Burns is glad that the BV West community is so passionate towards serving other people.
“We think that it’s not only a fun way to donate and like give back to them,” Burns said, “By throwing teddy bears onto the court. It’s pretty fun.”
Between the girls and boys basketball games, students gear up to throw their teddy bears. After the bears find their way to the gym floor, JPCo members rush to collect the bears. They then take all of the bears and load them up to take them to Children’s Mercy.
“It feels really good,” Burns said, “That like, people want to, And it’s not just like, Oh, I’m getting a grade so, I’m gonna bring like a teddy bear.”
The Jags came together and collected nearly 100 stuffed plushies to be sent to Children’s Mercy!