Seniors are excited for graduation and anxious to to off to college

Olivia Oddo, Contributor

It’s second semester and seniors are getting anxious to graduate and further their academic careers.

“I think by the time we become seniors, junior year wiped us out to the point where we are just ready to leave,” senior Lauren Levine said. “We have also matured to the point where we don’t need much advice or parental supervision the high school teachers give us.”

Many seniors appear ready for college. Yet, they are about to embark on their biggest adventure.

“I have been preparing by researching for my dorm room and using the KU website to look at sororities and dorm room sizes,” Levine said.

There are many things to look forward to in college. Some look forward to the independence, others the academic challenge and others look forward to the Greek life.

“I am looking forward to being on my own and branching out and meeting new people,” Levine said. “Also joining a sorority.”

Although excitement is taking over the seniors, many are getting sentimental about their high school careers.

“My favorite high school memory was probably my first day at West and remembering how scared I was to walk through the senior locker bay,” Levine said. “I actually changed my route to get to my class.”  

While freshmen may have a hard time relating to this same problem, the rest of their high school years will go by quickly.