Winter Guard Season is in Full Swing


Belinda J Photography

Jillian Dunlay, Reporter

Though spring sports are starting up, the BV West winter guard season is still in full swing.

The winter guard season lasts from November through April. The winter guard program consists of two guards, Silver and Ruby. Silver consists of those who are newer to the program, while Ruby consists of performers who are experienced in guard. Each guard competes in their own class, which is based on skill level.

Silver’s show, entitled “Color” is a beautiful show with bright-colored equipment and upbeat music. Ruby’s show is a stark contrast; entitled “The Pursuit”, it is based off of Avatar, and tells the story of an aggressive fire tribe.

The guards spend the months of November through early January putting together a show based on each guard’s skills, to prepare for the actual competition season. They rehearse at least two days a week for six hours, and every few weeks rehearse on Saturdays for a minimum of 11 hours. The work can be grueling, but it is worth it to the dedicated performers.

Both guards have competed in two competitions so far this season, both placing sixth in their class at the first contest in January, and both leaping to the top three in their class by the second contest. The two guards have another contest in March, before traveling to Springfield, Missouri to compete in regional championships on April 7. Last year, Ruby medaled in their class at championships, so the hope is both guards will end the season with a medal, and in the top three best guards of the region.