Profile: Alexis Linnebach

Kolbie Christensen, Editor-In-Chief (2020-21)

Playing a sport in high school is a fun way to meet new people, increase your skill level and help to support your school. Freshmen Alexis Linnebach is member of the Blue Valley West JV softball team. 

Alexis has been playing softball since she has been in kindergarten and loves it. Her main position is pitcher, but she plays in other positions as well. She has played for many competitive teams over the years and now she is on the JV team for BV West. Softball is one of her passions and she loves playing it even when she isn’t playing for a team.

Alexis hopes to continue to play softball into college and possibly go to school for it.

Alexis is a great addition to the BV West JV softball team and is one player to definitely watch on these upcoming seasons.