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Profile: Alexis Linnebach

Kolbie Christensen, Reporter

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Graduating from high school is a big step that many people take in their lives. The next step they take is one of the harder steps, college. To get in to college you have to save money, work on your grades and figure out your career path. But freshman Alexis Linnebach has a different story. She has a two year scholarship to a small college in Iowa, and she intends to keep it unless a new opportunity comes along.

Alexis has been playing softball since she has been in kindergarten and loves it. She has played for many competitive teams and now she is on the JV team for BV West. Softball is one of her passions and she loves playing it even when she isn’t playing for a team.

Alexis’ scholarship will increase her chance of going to college and will help her along the way.  A scholarship is defined as a grant or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievements. In this case for Alexis it’s for her achievements and skill in softball.

Alexis is a great addition to the BV West JV softball team and is one player to definitely watch on these upcoming seasons.

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