JV Football vs. BVSW 9/19

JV Football team defeats the BVSW Timberwolves 46-18 on September 19th.

Junior Tyler Bono runs the ball down the field on offense. (Morgan White)
Wyane Carter(6) carries ball through opponents heading toward the in-zone. (Morgan White)
Tyler Peterson makes a diving catch in the in-zone scoring a Jaguar touchdown. (Morgan White)
Sophomore Jack Cook (10) passes the ball off to Junior Tyler Bono (31). (Morgan White)
Quin Myers running route in hopes to complete a pass. (Morgan White)
Sophomore Quin Myers jogs back down the field to restart after a touchdown. (Morgan White)
Tyler Peterson catches the ball in the in-zone scoring a touchdown for BVW. (Morgan White)
Jack Cook carries the ball past opposing team leaving him on the ground.
Sophomore Jack Cook sprints down the field scoring a touchdown for the Jaguars. (Morgan)
Number 6 Wayne Carter dodges opponents from BVSW in hopes to score a touchdown. (Morgan White)
Jack North changes direction across the field communicating with teammates. (Morgan White)
Sophomore Jack North sprints down the field looking for an open pass. (Morgan White)
Charlie Steinert glances across the field at Coach Dickerson to figure out the play. (Morgan White)
Wayne Carter pushed opponent off of him as he’s carrying the ball down the field. (Morgan White)
Annie Espinoza joyfully cheers on the JV football team as they defeat the Timberwolves. (Morgan White)