Boys Varsity Soccer vs BVNW 9/20

Selma Khokher, Alli Kushner, and Grace Keller

The Boys Varsity team motivating each other before the game starts. (Selma Khokher)
celebrating his goal against BVNW, sophomore Peyton Magness runs with fellow teammates towards the fans. (Grace Keller)
hustling back to win the ball, senior Braxton Williams sprints to tackle his opponent. (Grace Keller)
Senior Cooper Marquette hustling back to tackle the competition. (Grace Keller)
fighting for the ball, sophomore Alex Eden pushes his opponent in hopes of winning the ball. (Grace Keller)
At the beginning of the game, the team recognized some of their favorite staff members to show appreciation. (Alli Kushner)
Per tradition, senior Colby Reese and sophomores Alex Eden and Brandon Kirk break through the Jag sign. (Alli Kushner)
Singing the Alma Matter, seniors Audrey Kirk, Olivia Brokaw, and Kyra Michelson share a special moment together. (Alli Kushner)
After sophomore Peyton Magness scored the winning goal in double overtime, the boys ran to the crowd to celebrate. (Alli Kushner)
Senior Colby Reese kicks the ball down the field. (Alli Kushner)
Junior Alex Eden going against his opponent. (Selma Khokher)
Head Coach Mr. Conley watching his team warm up before the big game.
The Varsity team celebrating after Sophomore Peyton Magness goal. (Selma Khokher)
Senior Cooper Marquette saving the ball from going out. (Selma Khokher)