BVW Boys Varsity Soccer Team vs. Blue Valley North (10/4)

Megan Fritz, Photographer

Sophomore Brandon Kirk running down the field (Carly Gudenkauf)
Junior Alex Eden doing a corner kick (Carly Gudenkauf)
Coach Conley coaching from the sidelines (Carly Gudenkauf)
Sophomore Braden Adams defending the ball (Carly Gudenkauf)
Captain Carlo Sadun heading the ball (Carly Gudenkauf)
Junior Kate Dewitt and Sophomore Maddie Mudge cheering on the sidelines
Coach Conley and assistant Coach Cook coaching from the sidelines (Carly Gudenkauf)
Sophomores Brandon Kirk and Luke Tomlinson running high five everyone (Carly Gudenkauf )
Team joins together to sing the alma mater after their victory. (Carly Gudenkauf )

Sophomore Brandon Kirk getting ready for a corner kick (Megan Fritz)

Senior Caden Walters walking over to throw in the ball (Megan Fritz)

Sophomores Brandon Kirk, Luke Thomlison, and Peyton Magness singing the Alma Matter after a big win (Megan Fritz)

Senior Ranjan Jena warming up for the game (Megan Fritz)