Varsity Football Playoffs vs SMNW 10/28

Heading into state playoffs, varsity went head-to-head with SMNW, winning 52-28.

Lamya Alam, Aditi Mehra, Ella Ratigan, Elizabeth Edmondson, Photographers

Max Miller and Andrew Coltharp on the bench, preparing to celebrate their win against SMNW. (Lamya Alam)
Cheerleaders congratulate their friends after winning the game. (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Seniors Will Kompeyer and Cooper Marquette celebrate a win with friends (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Student Section lines up for the Alma Matter (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Sophomore Nico Cocumelli claps fans hands for a win at the antdac (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Senior Jack Schneider catches the ball in a tight corner (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Sage Huffman runs the ball through a heard of orange (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Senior Josh Kidd and Junior Crew Meyers celebrate a touchdown (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Senior Zach Darche makes a tough throw allowing the reciver to compelete the pass. (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Junior Sage Huffman runs the ball through an opening (Elizabeth Edmondson )
The Student Section cheers for their team as they score their fourth touchdown (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Senior John Michael Pujado kicks the ball to start a play (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Senior Copper Marquette does the touchdown pushups after scoring (Elizabeth Edmondson )
The Red and Silver Brigade plays their pep music for the crowd (Elizabeth Edmondson )
The defensive team lines up block the Cougars (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Junior Sage Huffman makes the touchdown, pushing through three other opponients (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Senior Gabe Jenks celebrates with teammate after scoring (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Senior Zach Darche runs the ball, rushing past opponents (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Players surround their teamate after a tackle for support (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Seniors Zoey Flannery and Anna Tebbenkamp cheer on the football team entering the stadium (Elizabeth Edmondson )
JPCO Seniors Cooper Marquette, Jonney Liang, Braden McConnel, and Will Kompmeyer run ahead of the football team with the JAGS flags. (Elizabeth Edmondson )
Jaguar defense works fast to tackle the ball. (Ella Ratigan)
Sage Huffman runs quick with the ball in hand hoping to gain some yards. (Ella Ratigan)
Jack Schneider plows through SMNW defense. (Ella Ratigan)
Junior Sage Huffman gets advice from Coach Dickerson (Ella Ratigan)
Crew Myers jumps high to catch an incoming pass. (Ella Ratigan)
Ella Clausius smiles big as she dances on the sidelines (Ella Ratigan)
Marley Andrews smiles as the Crimson Cats perform their halloween inspired number (Ella Ratigan)
Lake Ryan runs fast to escape from the SMNW defense (Ella Ratigan)
Josh Kidd and Crew Myers celebrate a jaguar touchdown (Ella Ratigan)
Caroline Orr is ecstatic after she catches a free hotdog courtesy of the Father’s Club (Ella Ratigan)
John Michael Pujado and Gabe Jenks are fired up after scoring a touchdown (Ella Ratigan)
Miranda Humphreville excitedly cheers on the traditional push up game (Ella Ratigan)
Coach Koerkenmeier talks strategy with player Jack Schneider (Aditi Mehra )
Senior Luke Axtell works to bring down SMNW offense (Aditi Mehra)
Junior Morgan Magee smiles as she cheers on the jaguar football team (Aditi Mehra)
Junior Brody Mcmanamon rips open BVW Jaguars banner as he leads BVW football team onto the field (Aditi Mehra)
Junior Sage Huffman attempts to run past SMNW defense (Aditi Mehra)
Junior Sage Huffman attempts to get past SMNW defense (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Michael Phillips smiles as BVW football team scores another touchdown and he does push ups as part of a BVW tradition (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Jack Schneider successfully outruns SMNW defense as he runs the ball (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Ty Brechler and Brock Olsen fist bump as they are celebrated by BVW for qualifying for state XC (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Zach Darche attempts to get past SMNW defense (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Zach Darche scores a BVW touchdown as he succesfully gets past SMNW defense (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Zach Darche blocks out SMNW defense in attempt to score a touchdown (Aditi Mehra)
Zach Darche handing the ball off to Sage Huffman. (Lamya Alam)
Kaden Rock coming off the field after the ball was intercepted by BV West. (Lamya Alam)
Sage Huffman gaining another touchdown after being tackled to the ground. (Lamya Alam)
Jack Schneider running down field with the ball. (Lamya Alam)
Lake Ryan talking to the coaches on the sideline before play begins. (Lamya Alam)
Jack Schneider looking at the QB preparing to catch the ball. (Lamya Alam)
Luke Axtell defending SMNW player on d-line. (Lamya Alam)
Andrew Coltharp jumping in the air to defend SMNW player. (Lamya Alam)