Varsity Football vs. Gardner Edgerton 11/11

Jags end season with loss to the Trailblazers

Carlyn Voor Vart and Kiara Nissen, Photographer

Student section anxiously watching the jags as they needed one more touchdown to tie the game (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Coach Dickerson putting his headset back on after a huddle with the jags. (Kiara Nissen)
Senior Zach Darche running with the ball. (Kiara Nissen)
Clapping and yelling seniors Abby Fries and Kylie Ulrich cheer on the jags. (Kiara Nissen)
Junior Sage Huffman running the ball to score a first down. (Kiara Nissen)
Senior Jonny Liang cheers on the jags. (Kiara Nissen)
Tyler Noelker and Riley Rigdon waiting to get on the field. (Kiara Nissen)
Quarterback Zach Darche runs the ball. (Kiara Nissen)
By getting the crowd hype seniors Michael Philips and Jonny Liang hit the drum. (Kiara Nissen)
Near the end of the game, Senior Max Miller and Junior Crew Myers hug. (Kiara Nissen)
Senior Jack Schneider blocks a Gardner player. (Kiara Nissen)
Jumping high in the air senior Jack Schneider catches the football. (Kiara Nissen)
Start of a play junior Nico Cocumelli and senior Zach Darche get in position. (Kiara Nissen)
Shortly after senior Josh Kidd’s touchdown, senior Dan Mccabe shakes his hand. (Kiara Nissen)
A pat on senior Josh Kidds back from sophomore Riley Rigdon. (Kiara Nissen)
Senior, Lake Ryan coming off the field after a touchdown. (Kiara Nissen)
Senior Kaden Rock deflecting the ball from the trailblazer’s offense (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Seniors Josh Kidd and John Michael Pujado bring it in one last time before walking off the field (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Quarterback Zach Darche, looking for an open man downfield (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Senior Lake Ryan, after the jags lost to the trailblazers (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Junior Kaden Sheline breaking free from his opponents (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Senior Zach Darche hugging his dad after the jags lost to the trailblazers (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Junior Sage Huffman in disbelief after the jags lost to the trailblazers (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Senior Johnny Liang cheering on the jags following halftime (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Josh Kidd intercepted the trailblazer’s ball and brought it in for a pick- 6 (Carlyn Voor Vart)