Girls JV Basketball Game Against De Soto (1/30)

Junior Kylie Clark takes a shot during warm-ups (Makenzie Galliart)
The jv girls basketball team huddles before the game (Makenzie Galliart)
Sophomore Liv Gutierrez dribbles the ball passed the three point line (Makenzie Galliart)
Sophomore Millie Reitz drives the ball (Makenzie Galliart)
Sophomore Millie Reitz finishes the drive with a right-handed layup (Makenzie Galliart)
Sophomore Suyin Howard defends the paint (Makenzie Galliart)
Sophomore Addie Davis guards the ball (Makenzie Galliart)
Junior Kylie Clark leads the team off the court following the end of the first half (Makenzie Galliart)
Sophomore Addie Davis saves the ball from going out of bounds on the defensive end (Makenzie Galliart)
The girls basketball team finishes with a 41-39 win against De Soto (Makenzie Galliart)