Boys Tennis v. BVSW 3/29

Jaguars host the Timberwolves

Kiara Nissen, Photographer

Aiming to hit the tennis ball, Kevin Zhao returns to position himself perfectly. (Kiara Nissen)
David Han puts all his concentration into watching for the ball to return. (Kiara Nissen)
Eswar Karavadi waits for the ball to return to their side. (Kiara Nissen)
After his serve over, Hayden Gansen sees if his ball is Inbounds. (Kiara Nissen)
David Han listens to his teammate’s advice. (Kiara Nissen)
Ready to swing at the ball, Eswar Karavadi puts all his focus on finding the ball. (Kiara Nissen)
Teammates smiling together after a successful serve and return over. (Kiara Nissen)
Ethan Kumar puts all his strength into his serve over the net. (Kiara Nissen)
Hayden Gansen is ready for the ball to return. (Kiara Nissen)
Knees bent and hands positioned, Francisco Landeras sets himself for the ball to return after his serve over. (Kiara Nissen)