Pep Assemblies: A Year in Review

Assemblies create special memories for Jaguars


Lydia Berutti

WEST SIDE. The Crimson Cats perform their routine at the assembly on 4/6.

Lydia Berutti, Paige Murphy, Photographer, Reporter

BV West’s assemblies are unique to each and every person at this school.  That’s what makes them so fun and entertaining.

“I love our assemblies because they are really fun, and everyone can get involved and be a part of them,” freshman Brenna Morrison said. 

Assemblies are a way for our students to get involved with one another and just in all have fun. Despite their success, students had a variety of suggestions.

“I think they should be fairer on how they vote during the class competitions and they should make the assemblies a little bit longer,” said Morrison. 

Assemblies make our day go by faster since they take a lot of time at the end of the day and our classes have to be shortened for it. The unique spirit at BV West assemblies set them apart.

“At our assemblies, we are able to be who we want to be, and we learn a lot about things that on an average day we wouldn’t think about,” Morrison said.  “We have assemblies almost every day it feels like and most of my friends at other Blue Valley schools hate their assemblies because they are boring and long.”

Blue Valley West’s assemblies are about every 3-4 weeks which some students may find boring but not Jaguars. 

“All of the pep-rallies are my favorite just because it brings everyone together and those are usually the ones we get most involved in and have the most energy,” said Morrison.