BV Marching Showcase 10/3

Carlyn Voor Vart and Katie Gillian, Photographer

Senior, Elizabeth Edmonson showed off her skill during the showcase (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Freshman, Andrew Carey sounding incredible on his horn. (Katie Gillian)
Junior, Juli Holmes swings her dress across her at the start of their performance. (Katie Gillian)
Senior, Harris Ahad leads his band back to the stands after their outstanding show. (Katie Gillian)
Freshman, Ishaan Buddharaju sways with the music after performing his amazing solo. (Katie Gillian)
Freshman, Julia Krug plays her flute very well while she looks out at her audience. (Katie Gillian)
These three flute players play and walk in sync during their performance. (Katie Gillian)
Drum Major, Nate Wisdom conducting the band (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Senior Ian Ruggleman is in ready position waiting for the drum major’s go-ahead to start the performance (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Junior, Juli Holmes dances proudly in the center of the band to start the jaw dropping concert. (Katie Gillian)
Junior, Juli Holmes shows great sportsmanship by cheering on another Blue Valley Band. (Katie Gillian)
Senior, Natasha Fitman waves her flag high and perfectly during their amazing performance. (Katie Gillian)
Senior Natasha Fittman, after finishing their showstopping performance.
(Carlyn Voor Vart)
The Blue Valley West Red and Silver Brigade walked onto the field with their heads held high, ready to share their magic (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Drum major, Megan Svoren observes the band as they get on the field, preparing to perform (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Freshman Andrew Carey played the tuba with the rest of the band at the opening of the showcase (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Aubree Bowsher gathers around the fountain while playing the flute. (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Junior, Mikael Grubb plays his tenor sax amazingly along with the rest of his band. (Katie Gillian)
Senior Lillie Large and Ishaan Buddharaju performing a duet to ‘Summertime Sadness’ by Lana Del Rey during the showcase (Carlyn Voor Vart)