Boys Varsity Basketball 2/24 Vs. Aquinas

Ava Hefner, Selma Khokher, Lamya Alam, Morgan Magee, Grace Keller, Photographers

Junior Will Watson focusing on the rim before his free throw. (Selma Khokher)
Blake Killian, a junior, doing his signature handshake before the basketball game. (Grace Keller)
Senior John-Michael Pujado, dribbling past the competition. (Grace Keller)
Sophomore Tate Nagy giving it his all during the boys varsity basketball game. (Grace Keller)
Senior Quentin Robertson beating his opponent and dribbling towards the basket. (Grace Keller)
Sophomore Tate Nagy passing to a teammate during the basketball game. (Grace Keller)
Junior Gavin Harvey preparing to score a basket at the boys varsity basketball game against Aquinas. (Grace Keller)
Coach Hintz talks to the team during a full time out. (Lamya Alam)
Senior John Michael Pujado walks out as the starting 5 are announced before the game. (Lamya Alam)
Senior Quentin Robertson guards an STA player as they dribble down the court. (Lamya Alam)
Senior John Michael Pujado yells from the bench during the game. (Lamya Alam)
Junior Kate Dewitt gives a big smile after the Jags made a basket. (Morgan Magee)
Senior Ty Brechler helps up teammate Quentin Robertson. (Morgan Magee)
Senior Quentin Robertson watches an Aquinas player as Robertson is playing defense. (Morgan Magee)
Tate Nagy receives a mid-game talk from Coach Hintz. (Morgan Magee)
Sophomore Tate Nagy attempts to get the ball from an Aquinas player. (Morgan Magee)
Tip-off! Aquinas ended with the ball, allowing them to score the first point. (Morgan Magee)
Junior Will Watson taking a free throw. (Selma Khokher)
Senior Quentin Robertson taking a three pointer. (Selma Khokher)
Senior John Michael Pujado running through his opponents to the basket. (Selma Khokher)
Junior Gavin Harvey and Senior Cooper Marquette staying steady on defense. (Ava Hefner)
Senior Cooper Marquette with the ball on offense. (Ava Hefner)
Sophomore Tate Nagy, at the top on offense and looking for an open teammate. (Ava Hefner)