No Shave November Participation Varies at BV West

Danielle Jacobson, Reporter

November: for some it’s just a month, but for others it’s a 30-day no shaving adventure. Although some use this month as an excuse to just not shave for a month, some students here at BV West do this as a ritual.

Beginning in 2003, No Shave November, also know as Movember or Beardvember, was started to bring awareness to men’s prostate and testicular cancer. In 2009, this month-long event raised around $42 million for the cause.

High school is, for most, the peak of your hormonal activity, or the start of it. This means high school is the time when guys turn to men and start growing facial hair. Here at BV West, kids use this time to show what they have, and wear their hair long. Of the polled 65 boys, 58% said they were participating, and of the girls polled, 23% decided to let their leg hair grow out. It’s jeans month, anyways, right?

“I’m not doing it” sophomore Alex Robbins said. “It’s gross!”

Why not be natural for a month, if it’s for a good cause? Unfortunately, our community as a whole has an issue at being educated on this awareness month, especially on things that make people squirm, such as testicular or prostate cancer.

One reason some students and staff may not participate is due to the holidays coming up, particularly Thanksgiving.

“I’m debating on whether I want it to be growing during the holidays,” staff member Brian Kroeker said. “There’s Thanksgiving dinner coming up with my family.”

Even though those dreaded family gatherings are right around the corner, that doesn’t mean you can’t just let loose and be the way you were born, if only for a month. Yet, to add to the hype, if you are really dedicated to the cause you can continue from No Shave November to Don’t Shave December; a solid two months.

Whether it’s an excuse, or a ritual, students across the US are participating. Why not you?