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Prom: Classy, not Tacky

Maddy Wilson, Section Editor

March 21, 2012

Filed under Opinion

With prom approaching, many girls are stressing out to find the perfect dress, shoes, and jewelry. People rarely think about their hair and makeup, though, until roughly the last few days before prom. With the anticipated dance...

Beloved Disney Movies Reopen in 3-D

Abby Krstulic, Section Editor

January 30, 2012

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

After my disappointing realization that I would be missing The Lion King in 3D, I was determined to make it to the theatres to see Beauty and the Beast, the next 3D installment by Disney. My friends and I all made an outing...

Debate Team Takes State

January 17, 2012

Filed under News, Web Exclusives

The BV West Debate Team won the Kansas 6A State Championship Tournament on the 15th. The team of junior Chris Birzer and Senior Ideen Saiedian took top honors. They won 1st place in the 6A Division of 2-Speaker Debate. Juniors...

Optimist Club Thanks BV West Volunteers

January 11, 2012

Filed under News, Web Exclusives

The Blue Valley Optimist Club would like to thank the following BV West Volunteers for their work with Christmas Tree Sales over the past two months. Seniors: Abby Berger, Brittany Eastham, Tessa Carson, Nicole and Rachel...

BV West Wrestlers Accident

Morgan Cormack, Web Editor

December 9, 2011

Filed under News

Friday morning, the BV West Wrestling team left in two vans for a tournament in Columbus, Nebraska. While in route, one of the two vans with seven wrestlers and the assistant coach hit a patch of ice and slid into a median on its ...

Monday Tests Affect Students

Molly Brown, Reporter

November 7, 2011

Filed under Opinion, Web Exclusives

 Mondays are awful. If there was a poll for which day of the week is the worst, Monday would be in for the win. After a relaxing weekend of sleeping in and having fun, the alarm buzzes early in the morning. The snooze butt...

No Shave November Participation Varies at BV West

Danielle Jacobson, Reporter

November 2, 2011

Filed under Features, Web Exclusives

November: for some it’s just a month, but for others it’s a 30-day no shaving adventure. Although some use this month as an excuse to just not shave for a month, some students here at BV West do this as a ritual. Beginni...

Overcrowding: A Problem Yet Again

Katherine Byrket, Reporter

September 26, 2011

Filed under News

This year at BV West, there is a French class with 31 students.  During the enrollment process, teachers and students alike were shocked by this large number of students.  This number, however, is becoming more and more common...

Students Remember 9/11 a Decade Later

Emily Moore, Reporter

September 19, 2011

Filed under Features

Almost everyone in America had a T.V. or radio on and was watching to see what had happened. Parents were watching, hugging their young toddlers and calling to check on their husbands. Kids were getting herded together into one...

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