Math teacher helps students succeed

Experienced teacher joins staff and has immediate impact on student success

Lizzie Wombolt, 21CJ Reporter

For some, math comes easy, for others it does not. Sitting in a quiet classroom struggling to finish a problem is frustrating. Luckily, for many students at BV West, that is not a problem; they have Jan Berghaus for math. A good teacher can change a students high school experience. The bond between a teacher and a student can have a huge impact on the student and change their opinion on a subject.

Berghaus makes that impact on students.

“Mrs. B made me enjoy math when I didn’t like it before,” sophomore Gracyn Martin said. “Now this year I’m doubling up on math classes when last year I never thought I’d be able to do that.”

Sophomore Megan Stone had a similar experience.

“Yes, she really cared about me succeeding and I took her constructive criticism to mind.” Stone said.

Berghaus was new to BV West last year but she taught as if she’d been a Jaguar since the school opened.

“When I first interviewed for the job I was offered it immediately and I thought I can’t not come because it sounds so cool.” Berghaus said.

Students sometimes need that extra push to be successful at something they find difficult. Berghaus helped countless students overcome their perceived weakness in math.

“She cares about every student in their own way and helps everyone understand.” Martin said.

A good school environment is helpful for both students and teachers to reach their potential.

“At BVW I have never had so many students just as they leave the room say ‘thank you’ to me ever and I’ve taught for a lot of years,” Berghaus said. “Multiple kids will say it at the multiple times and I never ask them to say it, they do it on their own time.”