Prom: Classy, not Tacky

Maddy Wilson, Section Editor

With prom approaching, many girls are stressing out to find the perfect dress, shoes, and jewelry. People rarely think about their hair and makeup, though, until roughly the last few days before prom. With the anticipated dance roughly a month away, girls should think about how they can look glamorous without appearing to look like a try-hard.

Every year, I see a few of the same awful pictures. Terribly tight-ringlet curls, slicked back painful-looking buns, crimped hair and other insane up-dos. When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for prom, in my opinion the best thing to do is to keep it simple. I think girls look the prettiest when they wear their hair in loose curls, or even straight. Simple accessories such as a braid, a twist, or an embellished headband can look cute also. Just keep it simple, please. If you are dying to get an up-do, ask you stylist to make it relaxed, and not very complicated. Less is more. Crazy extensions and bows made out of hair are not appealing.

With makeup, I feel that many girls use prom as an excuse to go all out. They paint their eyes black, or hot pink, or basically pour glitter all over their face.  Makeup is something that should never be overdone. By the end of the night, it will be running down your face or you will have most likely gone blind from a rhinestone that you thought looked cute glued on your eyelid before the dance. Fun colors are acceptable, but be wise when applying them. It is easy to go from pretty to terribly fake.

All in all, enjoy your prom. Do what you wish with your hair and makeup. It is only my opinion that simple is better. I encourage you to wear what you are most comfortable in.