Dreaming of girls lacrosse

Female athletes look to increase support for lacrosse at BV West


Ally Gaskill, 21CJ Reporter

     Pass, shoot, score! Lacrosse is the fastest growing youth sport in the nation. Yet, when thinking of lacrosse, most picture a boys team. Unfortunately, that is probably because there are not many opportunities for girls to play. There is not one Blue Valley high school that has its own girls lacrosse team. Many girls are not aware that lacrosse can be a rewarding sport for them too. There are girls all around the world that get scholarships to play lacrosse in college. If only BV West had a team.

     Why is boys lacrosse more popular than girls? Reasons and opinions vary.

     “I think lacrosse is categorized as one of those  ‘manly’ sports, kinda like football. That should not be true,” freshman Sarah Walsh said. “It’s the 21st century, anyone can play any sport.”

     Other young lacrosse players agreed with Walsh in thinking stereotypes limited opportunities for young women.  

     “Personally, I think that guys have always had more opportunities with sports,” freshman Caroline Schaffer said. “And I also think that the stereotype that boys are stronger, faster, and better than girls plays a big part in our world today.”

     Playing the sport for the school is something most athletes enjoy.

    “I think it would be awesome to play in front of my friends and teachers and being able to bond with people who shared the same passion about lacrosse as me.” said Walsh.

     Beyond the freshmen, older girl athletes had opinions about lacrosse, as well.

     “Yes, I would love to be able to play for my school. I think that girls lacrosse is growing throughout the whole U.S., and everyone should have an opportunity to play and learn about this amazing sport,” sophomore Catherine Darche said. “It doesn’t matter if you want to be on the team or just simply watch the game and understand how to play.”

     All three of the girls were excited at the thought of being able to play for their school but it takes a team to play lacrosse. Athletes cannot create a team on a whim.  Like most sports, lacrosse teaches working together and communicating. Getting a team together for each school will also take working together with others. Each of the athletes agreed that they hoped for more opportunities for girls to experience the game of lacrosse.

     Girls looking to join a team can check out the local club team: http://bluevalleygirlslacrosse.com.usl.la/Default.asp?org=BLUEVALLEYGIRLSLACROSSE.COM