2/4/22 Sweetheart Activities

We celebrate our annual Sweetheart dance with an assembly, basketball game, and royalty honoring.

Seniors Jack Spencer and Aydin Freeman celebrate a Jaguar win. (Maddie Merchant)
Senior Ellery Corcoran and mother Melissa clapping after Sweetheart queen is announced. (Morgan Magee)
Senior Gracie Hernandez moments before she is crowned Sweetheart queen. (Morgan Magee)Ell
The senior class of 22 winning the class competition. (Sana Biswas)
Varsity Basketball players, JPCO, and cheerleaders dancing for the school at the sweetheart assembly. (Sana Biswas)
The juniors yelling during the class chant competition (Sana Biswas)
Grace Anderson cheering for the sophomores at the sweetheart assembly (Sana Biswas)
Seniors yelling during the class chant, resulting in another senior victory. (Raman Rana)
Seniors Jackson Lovitch and Dunsi Idowu do their handshake during the starting players announcements. (Morgan Winner)
Dancer, Sarah Mollan, smiling and posing during their dance routine. (Raman Rana)
Emma Mills singing the National Anthem as everyone faces the flag. (Raman Rana)
Nominee Sweetheart King Aydin Freeman and Nominee Sweetheart Queen Caroline Schaffer escorting each other across the gym. (Raman Rana)
Senior Caroline Schaffer laughs with her parents at the sweetheart royalty crowning. (Morgan Winner)
Newly crowned Sweetheart King and Queen, Seniors Gracie Hernandez and Cooper Holmes celebrate in shock after hearing their names. (Libby Schwabauer)
The 2022 Sweetheart king, Senior Cooper Holmes gets crowned by the 2021 Sweetheart Queen, Lauren Kirk. Cooper and his family celebrate his crowning with smiles and applauding. (Libby Schwabauer)
After being announced as apart of Sweetheart Royalty, Senior Matt Lancaster smiles with joy as he’s supported by his parents. (Libby Schwabauer)
Senior Emmanuel Saama and his family pose for the camera as he is announced and recognized for being a Sweetheart King nominee. (Libby Schwabauer)
Senior Karli Breuckman cheers for the crowd during the boys varsity basketball game. (Morgan Winner)
Senior Rylee Ford smiles proudly alongside her parents as her name is announced as a Sweetheart queen nominee. (Maddie Merchant)