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BV Wests second Paws for a Cause charity walk and auction raises money for Wayside Waifs

BV West’s second Paws for a Cause charity walk and auction raises money for Wayside Waifs

Alexis Christopherson, Nathan Foxworthy, Kaitlyn Krause, Elle Kopischke, Brooke Lansford and Hannah Strombom, Photographers

The phrase “rise by helping others” was a motto for many. Seniors Josh Miller and Ted Reinhardt expanded “others” to include 4-legged friends by organizing Paws for a Cause to benefit the animal shelter and rescue center, Wayside Waifs.

As part of their Medallion Project for the Jaguar Pride Coalition, the pair organized the benefit walk and charity auction on March 24. Students, staff and community members paid $12 to walk their dogs, enjoy donated foods, enjoy a live band, visit canine-themed vendor booth and bid on donated items. 

Photos were taken by Alexis Christopherson, Nathan Foxworthy, Kaitlyn Krause, Elle Kopischke, Brooke Lansford and Hannah Strombom.

Sophomore Alexis Christopherson poses with a blue-eyed Australian shepherd on Sat., March 24. 

Seniors Emma Moriarty and Jack Tenbrink take a rest after the walk portion of the Paws for a Cause event at BV West.

Walk participants paid $12 to participate in the charity walk benefitting Wayside Waifs.

Community members, as well as students and staff members, attended the walk to benefit their four-legged companions.

Despite the 40-degree weather attendance was brisk at the second annual event.
Senior Maddie Peterson accompanies her poodle to the event.
Attendees wait for the walk to get started after checking in. English teacher Dr. Laura Restivo can’t help but cuddle with one of the beagle puppies brought to the event by Wayside Waifs. All of the puppies were adopted at the event.Senior Mady Fancher found a beagle puppy to love. Senior Jake Kidd shows his soft side by snuggling one of the beagle puppies at the event. Senior Sydney Register walks her dog with a friend.Junior Jake Huxhold walks his dog at the event. Seniors Molly Bechtel and Hanna Smith pour some love on one of the beagle puppies held by a Wayside Waifs volunteer. Sophomore Shelby Bloom adjusts the color on her Wayside “pup” so that he can sport one of the complimentary bandanas. A group of students walk their pooches during the event. Seniors Emma Moriarty and Kaitlyn Comstock with freshman Anna Comstock walk their dogs around the BV West course. Middle school students walk their beautiful dog at Paws for a Cause on Saturday, March 24. Seniors Brady Vaughn and Coleman Barnes walk Barne’s dog to support the event. Attendees walked together during the charity event held on the grounds of BV West. The number of people attending the event exceeded expectations making the event a success.Freshman Codie Stevens walks his dog at the event and acts as a responsible dog owner. Tito Michelson leads the way with owner Kyra and her friends from Lakewood Middle School. Seniors Catie Ducharme and Maddie Peterson walk their smiling dogs during the walk portion of the event. Dogs came to the walk in all sizes at the event. This little Yorkshire terrier received some attention at the event because of her decked out puppy stroller (and adorable face).The Yorkie princess is tended by her “mom” at the event. They were community members without direct ties to BV West just wanting to help. An akita looks at his owner attentively. Best pals, and KU basketball fans, sophomore Lauren Pericola and her golden retreiver discuss the likelihood of their team beating Duke to advance to the Final Four later that afternoon.  Junior Lydia Berutti and her yellow Labrador, Jax, check out the treats at the Three Dog Bakery booth in the senior parking lot. The business was operated across the street in the BluHawk shopping area. A Wayside Waifs volunteer holds the Australian shepherd mother dog of the puppies many were handling at the event. Not sure who is having more fun, this boy or his shitz zhu (with six legs all together only two were touching the pavement). Senior Mady Fancher holds one of the Australian shepherd puppies. His blue eyes fascinated most at the event. Seniors Mady Fancher and Matthew Burgess checkout the puppy arena near the check-in area at the walk. Fancher held most of the puppies at some point during the event. Junior Ben Coates shows off his puppy during the event. Ellie Samburg posed with pride with her dog just before the walk began.

BV West’s second Paws for a Cause charity walk and auction raises money for Wayside Waifs.

Senior Matthew Burgess and his dog share charismatic smiles at Paws for a Cause on March 24 at BV West. Junior Olivia Oddo poses with her pup-nobody could figure out which of the two was cuter at the event.

Senior Alex Jashinksi and his band provided live music for the event.A basketball signed by the Final Four qualifying KU Jayhawk basketball team was a popular item at the charity auction.Junior Maddie Merrill volunteered to support the event by handing out food to the attendees and worker.

Alexis Christopherson & Elle Kopischke
A band member entertains the students, staff, and parents at Paws for a Cause, even on a cold day.