Anime/Manga Review

There are many Japanese shows and books out there to watch and read… but where should you start?


6 other well-known animes/mangas are shown together.

Kennedy Kramer and Jaden Dudrey

Don’t be thrown off by the fact that it’s animated, the characters can be aggravating at times or their general appearance. Most shows have a great plot! Surely there’s a genre out there for every taste.


Assassination classroom: The entirety of the planet is under attack by an unkillable creature named “Koro-Sensei,” who destroyed 70% of the moon and plans to destroy the Earth by the end of the year. He’s so named because even the most powerful weaponry and massive army can’t compete against his innumerable superpowers. No one knows why, but he plans to spend his time teaching and training part-time assassins at a Junior High school in Japan. But don’t be fooled by how happy he looks; he’s a cold-hearted killer. The delinquent students have a literal once-in-a-lifetime chance to win 100 million dollars, and the pressure on them from the government is high. The plot thickens when nearing the end of the year, the alien teacher reveals his past and the real reason he came to the school. This is a must watch and read for all those who like comedy with an attention-pulling plot.


Special A: What’s that? You want a legit review?!?! Well, no. This anime is all but serious. With that said, Special A is a romantic comedy anime. It’s complete with a strange protagonist that is the densest girl I’ve ever seen, and a pair of goofy looking legs on EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER!!! Our main character Hikari Hanazono is hot-headed, stubborn and has a long history with her rival (and love interest) Kei Takashima, who is the closest thing to perfection. Us viewers get to watch their relationship blossom with some humorous bumps in the road. The series primarily focuses on Hikari and her many attempts to defeat her one and only rival, Kei, and how she finds love in their rivalry. It’s a good one, trust me. (If you can handle cringe)


Blue Exorcist: OMG, this anime is so good. Go watch. But why, you ask? Protagonist Rin is the best boi. Rin, son of Satan has awakened his powers he inherited from his father. To better understand and control them he goes to True Cross Academy, where his twin brother Yukio teaches. Rin has to go undercover and conceal part of his identity through a cool demon sword to not cause panic and be exiled. Oh, yea! He also fights cool monsters with a cool sword. Go watch it, you’ll agree. There’s plenty of angsty fiery content to go around.


Death Note: Light Yagami is a straight-A college student who only wants to work for NASA after graduating… that is until an odd notebook falls at his feet and holds incredible power. He finds that anyone’s name written down in it will die however you choose. Light secretly uses it to try and help his father kill criminals and all the bad people in the world, but word gets out of this and the government claims these strange deaths to be done by a god-like vigilante named Kira (killer). So Light is on the run, but one strange detective under the alias “L” knows something about this mishap that others don’t, and he wants to put a stop to Kira’s crazed reign. But L must get close to Light in order to gain his trust and be sure. Somehow, they become friends… Along the way, we have moments of unwanted romance, a Japanese God of Death that accompanies Light every since he touched the book, and a family is broken by the accusations of their son being a murderer with good intentions. This is a supernatural thriller for anyone who enjoys a mysterious storyline.


Sailor Moon: Do you like power rangers? Do you wish Power Rangers were better but it isn’t? Like space people? Then you’ve come to the right anime! Usagi Tsukino is our relatable teenager who loves food, sleep, boys, and is always late to school. After befriending a magical kitten named Luna, she learns to defeat monsters with her friends, the Sailor Scouts and saving the world from evil. A soldier destined to save Earth from the forces of evil. Personally, I watch this with a bowl of comfort food and blankets, which makes it a billion times better. For those who want to watch something casually, watch Sailor Moon!


Ouran HighSchool Host Club: Haruhi Fujioka now attends the rich kid’s school, and she only got in because she’s a child prodigy (her parents couldn’t afford to send her). There she comes across a hidden room with 6 other students inside. They claim their purpose to be suiting female “clients” with sweets and tea. In fright of running into these flamboyant boys, she knocks over an $80,000 vase! She spends the year as an errand-boy trying to pay off the debt. The other kids never knew she was a girl because of her short hair, slouching attire and gender-ambiguous face. Along the way, she finds another place in the school when the club becomes jealous of how naturally it comes to her to be a gentleman. The anime only has 26 episodes, but the story is a romantic comedy fun for the whole family!