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6 other well-known animes/mangas are shown together.

Anime/Manga Review

May 15, 2019

Hot Pocket Review

Kyler Murphy and Kennedy Kramer

April 25, 2019

Hot Pockets are essentially pizza burritos and at some point or another, almost everyone has eaten the magnificent creation known as Hot Pockets, even people that don’t like pizza! But what’s the best flavor? This taste-tes...

I Am Different

Kennedy Kramer, Reporter

January 17, 2019

i am not black. i am not white. i am not asian. i am not indian. i am not a stereotype. i am not what i appear. i am not happy with this world. i am human, is all i know. my skin is lighter my mind could be brighter but i, i am human. i'm 5 foot...

Mini Universes of The Mind

Kennedy Kramer, Reporter

November 7, 2018

i have several little worlds inside my brain. one of them is dedicated entirely to space. there are billions of stars in my sky yet your's shines the brightest. that world is my favorite. it is also the most complicated. i ask...

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