Boys Varsity Soccer vs. BVNW

Jags beat BVNW on Sept. 23


Senior Luis Masroua winks to the crowd as he subs into the game.

Libby Schwabauer, Photographer

Senior Cooper Forcellini celebrates his win with the crowd on 9/23.
Junior Regan Darnaby cheers on the crowd at the boys soccer game.
Senior Cooper Forcellini smiles as the crowd hypes him up.
Senior Tony Bono gets ready for a throw in from his teammate.
Senior Blake Barrick beats his BVNW opponent to the ball.
Senior Kaden Cripe looks through the crowd at his game on 9/23.
Senior Tony Bono beats his BVNW opponent at the game on 9/23.
Senior Alyssa Woodhouse stunts with her group at the soccer game.
Senior Luis Masroua winks to the crowd as he subs into the game.
Senior Kaden Cripe approaches the ball previously kicked from a teammate.
The Crimson Cats perform their halftime performance at the boys soccer game on 9/23.
Senior Omar Abdelmoity races to the ball to beat his BVNW opponent.
Senior Kaden Cripe throws in the ball to hopefully connect with a teammate.
Seniors Emily Suiter, Lindsey Dewitt, and Katherine Soule show their school spirit by supporting the soccer team and holding up a “W.”
Senior captains Jenna Walesh and Kendall Klingensmith perform a cheer to hype up the crowd.